16.tim mccoy
I truly enjoyed viewing these photos. Thank you for sharing.
12.Jackson Mattek(non-registered)
Love your work. Thank you for bringing life to old Cincinnati.
10.Eric C.(non-registered)
I met you (Alex) at the river on a Sunday while the river was still rising. Did you post those pictures of the tugs? Great site. I will be buying some pictures soon! All the best. Eric
8.Diana Baker(non-registered)
Thankyou for sharing all these pictures of our glorious past. I love Cincinnati, my home town !!!
7.Mike Cunningham(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your Grandfathers photos. They are a real Cincinnati treasure.
6.Eileen Mallory(non-registered)
Great photos!
Thanks for creating this web site so we can view them.
5.N K(non-registered)
Wow! What amazing photographs!
4.Chris B(non-registered)
I bought three photos from the 'Then and Now' collection: Looking Southeast 1961, 1995, and 2007. These are my favorites and are prominently displayed in my home office. I am in Washington DC now and feel nostalgic looking at them.
Living in Oakland now, and feeling nostalgic after viewing these photos with my sister noriega.

2.Jay N Highland(non-registered)

Thanks for the looky-loo! Spent the balance of my eve sorting through all the great pics. I am sure to be back many a time. I will be passing this along to others. See you in Corryville at the Highland.


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